Our family consists of Cathy Smith, husband Paul, son Graham and daughter Bethany with grandmother Sylvia McGuire. We live on site next door to each other and have been here for 26 years. We are happy that clients stay with us for years.


The area we are in is easily accessible via the junction of the Yarmouth A12 and the  Felixstowe A14  and is 7 minutes from the Seven Hills roundabout It is a very peaceful and pretty village winning several awards including Calour Gas Village of the Year in 2010.

The outside arenas are full dressage sized and are flood lit. One is sand and rubber and the other a modern sand mixture. There are some show jumps kept in the sand and rubber arena for use by liveries. The indoor arena has dressage mirrors on the walls and has the length of the large dressage arena. It measures 60mtrs x 30mtrs. These facilities are available for hire. Show jumps are also kept in the indoor arena and can be used by liveries. Livery clients have the free use of the arenas when not hired out except for tuition by trainers other than Cathy.

Our livery horses are mainly in single or double turnout paddocks. Feed and bedding are available on site but we do not use straw. Clients have adequate space to keep their feed, bedding and hay. The stables are a mixture of wood (an American barn) and brick (around a yard). All are light and airy and a good size. The American barn stables are 14ft x 14ft the yard stables slightly smaller.